Monday, October 10, 2011

Sarabeth's Blueberry Crumb Muffins

Fresh from the oven!
Pouring in wet ingredients
These muffins are scented with Orange which really sets off the Blueberries.  They are simple to make and really delicious.  You don't need even need a mixer.  The wet ingredients - including fresh-squeezed Orange Juice - are blended together and poured into the dry ingredients.  Then the berries are carefully folded in.  The muffins are topped with a simple crumb that I couldn't resist adding Walnuts to. 

Crumb Topping with Walnuts
 They're wonderful fresh from the oven & re-heat well the next day.  Although the recipe says it makes 10 muffins, I made 12 - maybe my muffin tin is a little small?  These are easy for anyone to make.

Sarabeth's Bakery - From My Hands to Yours would make a wonderful addition to your cookbook library.


Don't miss a chance to support a good cause and win a cake baked by me especially for you!  Foodness Gracious is hosting an on-line Bake Sale for Juvenile Diabetes this weekend.  In fact, the cake I'm offering is also from this cookbook!


  1. Those muffins sound and look delicious! I love citrus and blueberry together.

  2. Susan - these sound wonderful! I love the idea of adding orange with the blueberries! I've done lemon but never orange, YUM!

  3. Susan, these look fabulous! I have that cookbook, too...I need to break it open and try a few recipes :) blog design took a LONG time. Can't wait to see your new look in a couple months!

  4. Your muffins look terrific. And I've been thinking about checking out her cookbook. You've given me a great reason to try it out!

  5. Susan, Your muffins look so professional! Love your photos! I'm checking out all your posts to see what I've missed!


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