Friday, August 30, 2013

Obsessed: St. Germain Cocktail - Huntington Langham Tap Room

Fresh, sweet, citrusy, and delicious!

Earlier this month, John & I went to Pasadena for a quick getaway at the Huntington Langham Hotel.  We were sitting on the balcony at the Tap Room overlooking the beautiful rolling lawn.  It was so relaxing and beautiful.  John was enjoying an Old Fashioned and I was sipping a glass of Tamari, Torrontes Reserva, from Argentina, when I heard the waitress describe a St. Germain cocktail to two ladies sitting nearby.  It sounded so wonderful that the next afternoon,when we visited the bar, I told her I wanted to try one.  It was incredible - it was so crisp and refreshing that it tasted like summer in a glass!  So, we bought some St. Germain Liqueur and John made this for me tonight.

Fill a 16-ounce glass about halfway with crushed ice, then pour in:
Juice of one Lime
1 cup Sparkling White Wine, chilled
1 - 2 ounces St. Germain Liqueur

Stir, and enjoy, preferably in your garden!

Huntington Langham Hotel, Pasadena, California


  1. I never heard of st.germain, but I'm very intrigued to try this Susan! You guys sound like you're having a good time this summer, good for you!

  2. I was wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my bottle of SG...sounds wonderful, Susan!

  3. That's naughty! You were "next-door" to me! Guess what I'm making right now? Finally trying that St. Germain! Thanks, Susan! xx

  4. Love The Langham. Love St. Germain. And I am definitely going to LOVE this cocktail. Tonight, I'm fact, for our Labor Day celebration! ~ David

    1. David you have to let me know how you like it! I can't believe I just discovered St. Germain!

    2. Oh, Susan! This was wonderful! Our prosecco was very dry, so we added a spoonful of simple syrup. I think your Lambrusco was probably a bit sweeter? These are our new go to summer drink! And probably again when our limes start coming off the tree in a few weeks! ~ David


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